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Victory School of Wrestling

Victory School of Wrestling is a USA Wrestling Chartered Club that trains elite wrestlers.  Victory uses wrestling as a platform to help athletes reach their full human and athletic potential with a unique athlete-centered approach that builds the Total Athlete - body, mind and soul. 

Comprehensive training programs, camps, clinics, classes, and private sessions are offered 12-months a year in Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling for female and male athlete of all ages and ability levels. 

Victory School of Wrestling provides a high level and positive training atmosphere that includes cutting edge tactics, techniques and training methods including the most recent drills and competitive live wrestling.  A variety of individual and group strength and conditioning opportunities are available.  Athletes may take advantage of 1-on-1 or group sessions that include video analysis, individual technique, nutritional advice, recovery, weight management, and much, much more!

Victory seeks to build championship wrestlers with championship character and work ethic who change the world for good. 

The Total Athlete

Victory School of Wrestling focuses on The Total Athlete - body, mind and soul.

  • BODY - the physical aspects of sports are obvious.  These are the fundamentals:  conditioning, power, strength, tactics, technique, etc.
  • MIND - the psychological aspects of sports are less obvious, yet extremely important: confidence, emotions, mental toughness, motivation, mindfulness, reflection, etc.
  • SOUL - often the most neglected, and sometimes most important, this is the heart of the athlete: character, identity, purpose, significance, etc. 

The output of the Total Athlete is an individual with standards of excellence.  We expect everyone associated with Victory to maintain elevated standards to serve and lead others to greatness while attaining greatness of their own.

Victory School of Wrestling

Phone: 320-493-9882

125 1/2 N. Main St.
River Falls, WI 54022